In the Hot Room

Relax, lay down and enjoy some time to yourself in the warmth of the heated yoga studio. We want to keep everyone happy, so please no talking before and during class as this can disturb others. It’s essential not to chat and listen to the instructions. You are free to talk and mingle in the studio reception area.


Please take your shoes and socks off before entering the hot yoga studio. We have allocated space for shoes and belongings in our recreation space.


Please limit water throughout the class; it can become a distraction and large amounts of water can give you a stomach ache. Please don’t exit a posture early to drink – wait until it’s finished and then reach for your water bottle. Hydration is essential, however, staying consistent with your daily water intake will serve you best in class. 

Arrival Time

Please ensure you give yourself plenty of time to arrive early. There is nothing worse than rushing and being flustered before class commences. Allow yourself 15-20 minutes beforehand to settle in and enjoy some downtime.

Leaving the Room During Class

We encourage all students to stay acclimated to the heat. If you need to rest or feel unwell at any point, take a knee or lay down. Raise your hand if you need assistance. Walking in and out of the room is disruptive and it is safer for students to remain in class. If you have concerns, please talk to your teacher.