Yoga FAQs from our clients

Do I need to book?

We offer online bookings through our website or the MindBody app. We can accept payment at the studio for drop-in or memberships, but sign in is required. To book, visit our schedule and book a class.

What time should I arrive?

Arriving early to your class will help you to relax and enjoy the experience. Newcomers, please arrive 15 minutes beforehand. This allows you to find a suitable position in class, set up and unwind.

What do I bring to the studio?

All you need is a towel, a large bottle of water and clothes suitable for sweating. Please wear comfortable, form-fitting workout or yoga gear. Mat and towel hire is $2, however, we offer them free of charge in your first class.

Hygiene is important and we therefore require all students to use a mat and towel in each session. For more information, visit etiquette.

Can I leave if I don't like the heat?

We encourage all students to stay and get acclimated to the heat during your hot yoga class. If you need to rest or feel unwell, take a knee or lay down and raise your hand if you need assistance. It is safer to stay in the room, so please avoid leaving in haste. If you feel overwhelmed, please remind yourself to take it easy first-class and do the best you can.

How hot is the room?

The room is a safe 38-40 degree heat. Our heaters generate soothing infrared frequencies that heat objects (humans) instead of the air and have phenomenal health benefits combined with your yoga practice. Find out more about the benefits of hot yoga.

Can I drink water and when?

Please limit water throughout the class; it can become a distraction. We will cue you at appropriate times to drink water. You can sip water, but please do so when there is a break in the dialogue. Yoga is a discipline.

Be mindful not to exit a posture halfway to reach your water bottle. Instead, follow the pose to completion and hydrate. Hydration is essential, however, staying consistent with your daily water intake will serve you best in class.

What to eat and when?

Yoga is best practised on an empty stomach. Please eat at least two hours before class commences or have a light snack.

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