Our Passion

At Hot Yoga & Co, we’re passionate about helping people reclaim their power and improve their lives through the tremendous power of hot yoga. Life has many ways of dulling our spirit, lowering our energy and stealing our peace.

We’re excited to share the profound healing benefits of hot yoga with our community. Our passion is to empower people on their wellness journey and help transform their lives with yoga.

Our Offering

At Hot Yoga & Co, we aim to provide a range of authentic yogic styles, pilates and meditation for all students from beginners to advanced levels.

We offer dynamic classes with plenty of tools to move mindfully within your body.  

We bring you the original Hot Yoga series and Hot Vinyasa Flow, with regular pop-up classes such as dance, pilates barre and workshops to support your wellbeing and hot yoga journey. We aim to inspire, impact and inform you to make every session memorable.

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Our Space

Our wellness space is light-filled with plenty of room to unwind before class and get involved in our supportive community.

Hot yoga has never been more comfortable or clean with our high-quality, shock-absorbing yoga tiles that provide less stress on the body.

Our far-infrared heaters generate a subtle, safe, healing and hygienic warmth, maximising yoga’s benefits for you to sweat in comfort. We make change rooms, amenities, towel and mat hire, therapy rooms, merchandise and hydration products available.

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New to Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga helps you work deep into the body, internal organs, nerves and tissues and promotes rapid detoxification. The first few classes can expose the condition of our body and gently nudge us to take better care of ourselves. We are all different, so please keep an open mind. It’s essential to be patient, self-loving and willing to try more than one class.

As new students, there is a tendency to put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Yoga is not a race or competition but an opportunity to tune with your body, mind and emotions. Yes, the aim is to do as much of the class as possible and be mindful of your starting point. Knowing that you are welcome to kneel, sit or rest in Child pose throughout the session when needed.

Anything worth doing in life and that rewards you will challenge you. You’ve got this!

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