Kate Duckett | Studio Owner

I’ve always been passionate about the health and nutrition space throughout my life. I also love to move; I love music, authentic connection and having fun. My deepest desire is to see our community flourish with vibrant health, peace, joy and love…

I commenced teaching in Australia in 2004. At this time, most people hadn’t heard of yoga. Everyone knows what yoga is today and many have experienced its positive impact on their lives. I’m passionate to share the extensive experience that profoundly resonates within me to improve lives and assist in a collective shift for the better.

Having taught Bikram yoga in over 20 studios both in Australia and internationally, I hope to deliver a transformative experience and share this unique gift that has helped my life in so many ways.

Kate Duckett, Studio Owner, Hot Yoga & Co is a highly experienced yoga instructor with 15 years' experience.